1. General responsibilities of the Board.
  1. To provide leadership that will advance the growth of the Association and nurture harmony and goodwill among members.
  2. To propose and/or support basic policies and goals for the Association that will be carried out by the Association Officers, appointed officials and members.
  3. To serve as a sounding board for Officers regarding regular and special activities of the Association.
  4. To conduct meetings for the transaction of Board business, as needed.
  5. To identify and solicit qualified Association Officer and Director candidates and conduct the annual Association Officer/Director election such that the elected officials will be identified prior to the April joint Association/Director meeting.
  6. To periodically review the “Rules of Play for MSGA” and make recommended changes to the Association.
  1. ASSOCIATION OFFICERS: The responsibilities of the Association Officers follow.
    1. PRESIDENT:  
      1. To be the interface between the Association Board of Directors and the Association Officers/Members.
      2. To provide leadership as chairperson of the Association Officers and to accomplish the established policies and goals of the Association.
      3. To preside at regular and special meetings of the Association.
      4. To authorize the Treasurer to disperse funds for approved expenditures.
      5. To appoint a Special Tournament Committee and other Committees as the conduct of Association business requires.
      6. To assure a review is made of all Association income and expenditures each six months.
      1.  To serve as acting President, in the President’s absence, with the same authority to complete business designated for Association Officers.
      2. To Serve as Chairperson for the review of the Treasurer’s records.
      1.  To record the proceedings of all meetings, provide a written summary (minutes) to Association Officers and Directors at the next meeting.
      2. To maintain a historical file of relevant Association documents.
      3. To perfect and issue such notices, newsletters, and other correspondence agreed to by the Board and Association Officers.
      4. To organize and keep up to date the MSGA Bulletin Board.
      5. To maintain a current copy of the “Rules od Play for MSGA”.
      1. To maintain and record, in simple ledger format, all income and expenditures of the Association.
      2. To maintain summary sheets for the weekly or special tournaments showing disbursements of funds by flight, individual, and/or team.
      3. To provide tournament results to the Secretary and Tournament Director for their distributions.
      4. To maintain individual envelopes for weekly payment of prize funds to members for tournament play. Closest to the pin, and hole in one.
      1. To assist the President in identifying members to serve on the Special Tournament Committee.
      2. To make available tournament signup sheets for members to sign indicating their intention to participate.
      3. To establish pairings for tournament play, assign tee times, and notify golfers of their tee time.
      4. To assist Special Tournament Committee in identifying, publicizing, and conducting Special Tournaments.
      5. To act as Chairperson for the annual 2-Day Special Tournament.
      6. To maintain and post results of Tournaments to the MSGA Web page.
      1. To maintain custody of the Association Handicap Data and all necessary Handicap documents and hardware that comes under ownership of the Association during the designated term of office.
      2. To perform data entry to maintain records relating to each member’s handicap, in accordance with the USGA “Slope Handicap System” or the Callaway System, whichever is applicable.
      3. To make available and explain individual handicaps, upon request, and to provide handicaps to the Tournament Director for use in setting up Special Tournaments.
      4. To maintain, and provide monthly to Association Officers and Directors, a current listing of names, addresses, zip codes, telephones numbers, and birthdates of all Association members.
      1. To present monthly special tournament recommendations to the Association Officers and Directors and gain their approval.
      2. To assist the Tournament Director, upon request, in publicizing and conducting special tournaments.


  • Must be 50 or older to become a member of MSGA.
  • $35 Annual membership dues.
  • $1 to get in hole-in-one pot.
  • Historically, MSGA has had 35-70 players each week.
  • Play every Thursday, weather permitting.
  • Shotgun start, currently at 7:30am.
  • Pay $8 each Thursday to MSGA Treasurer to participate in tournament.
  • Green fees and cart fees will be paid to Mesquite Pro Shop.
  • Walkers are permitted
  • 40 players will constitute a normal tournament, 30 players will constitute a sub normal tournament. If we have 40 or more players in the tournament, Mesquite Golf Club will issue a ticket to everyone in the tournament, redeemable at the snack bar for a drink, hotdog, and chips. Less than 30 players constitute a “no Tournament”.
  • Tournaments will pay 4 places in each flight. Some tournaments may have fewer flights.
  • Payout is available in cash the week following the tournament.
  • Each par 3 has a closet to the pin payout.
  • Tournaments are stroke play, except there are special tournaments the 3rd Thursday of each month.
  • Callaway rules apply when establishing handicaps. (See MSGA Handicap Chairman for details).
  • Flight assignments are determined and posted by Handicap Chairman prior to tournaments.
  • Sign up is week prior to tournament. Tournament Director will determine foursomes if your group does not have an established foursome.
  • Contact Mesquite Pro Shop or MSGA Tournament Director no later than 3pm on Wednesday prior to Thursday tournament to be added or dropped from tournament.
  • Tournament starting hole assignment are made by Tournament Director.
  • USGA Rules of play apply, except as noted in MSGA by-laws. (See MSGA Secretary)
  • Permitted to move ball one club length anywhere except; out of bounds, hazard areas, heavy rough, or on green. No moving ball from rough to fairway.
  • All putts are putted out, no gimmies.
  • MSGA Members 75 years and older are permitted to play from forward tees following tournament Director and Handicap Chairman notification.

“Contact MSGA Board Member for questions not addressed.”

Membership fees and information

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